Privacy policy


sharefi is a free for use software developed by Luca Fornerone. There is no business-model around sharefi, and does not generate any revenue.

For privacy policies and conformance to GDPR, a few distinctions will be done between: • sharefi software • sharefi website

For each of the previous software / websites, we'll detail the different privacy policies.

sharefi software

sharefi software does not use any user account, and does not collect any user data, when working.

sharefi website does not collect any data, nor any telemetry, when sharefi software is being run.

However, sharefi software does collect and / or send the local IP address, MAC address of the device in which sharefi software is installed for the purpose of listing available devices. sharefi software does not send this collected information outside your local network or to other third party applications in or out of your local network. sharefi software installed on your device only communicates with other devices running sharefi software.

sharefi website

sharefi website ( does not create or use any user account. There are no registration forms, or any similar mechanism. Therefore, no personal information is stored at any moment, about the user, by sharefi. However, when the app is downloaded from the website, sharefi collect the browser language for statistics.

sharefi website ( currently uses Google Analytics for statistics about the visits on the website. GoogleAnalytics was configured in the most private configuration, and is compatible with GDPR. Please refer to Google for their privacy policy.

Last update: 02 April 2022